Hello everyone. So very sorry for the absence. The mods got caught up in school work and somethings left out minds. Like this. 

But now we’re back on track and ready to roll!


Hey, guys! Mod Symphonix here.

Just a general reminder that we need all starter applications in by January 8th.

And by starter applications, I mean apps for people who want to help kick start the whole RP. You’ll be able to join after the RP officially starts, but we want starter applications in by the 8th, okay?

This is just a reminder from Mod Symphonix that all members will be asked to roleplay only inside the group with their characters once January 8th is upon us.

Anonymous: Hi, I was just curious as to what abilities/powers you'd expect from a Greek God/Goddess? And how many apps have you received? :3

We haven’t received any apps for any Gods or Goddesses. Currently, we have three apps all together for characters in general.

For powers, we like for the characters to have as close to canon powers as possible (ex. Zeus with lightning), but if they’re too powerful, we’d appreciate you diluting them. Like… put limits on their abilities.

Madison Wihtikow || Faceclaim || Sophomore || Taken

Unlike the other magical creatures, Madison was not born in the Clandestine. Instead, she was born in the Boreal Forest in Canada. Her mentality has never been the greatest, and it only worsened after the death of her father. While she is always willing to help other people, it is usually at a price. Her temper is short, though she can be quite the happy person when not angered. She is quite the competitive girl, and she enjoys daydreaming frequently. 

Angeline Adelle || Faceclaim || Psychology Teacher || Taken

Angeline Adelle lived in the Clandestine for the majority of her life. She was absolutely devastated when the foreign invaders came and ruined the Clandestine for the inhabitants. She moved with her brother to the humans’ realm and watched him die a few weeks later. She found Professor Rinehart at a later point and joined leagues with Latent University. She has a rather high self-esteem and comes off as very friendly. She’s very remedial about recklessness in students and especially humans in general.

Augustus Rinehart || Faceclaim || Chemistry Teacher || Taken

Augustus Rinehart lived in the Clandestine for his whole life, from the time of his birth until it was invaded. He married at a relatively young age, but lost his wife during the invasion. He surfaced to the Human’s realm and joined up with the Headmaster as soon as Latent University was formed. He is a stubborn, but open-minded person.  He believes that discipline is the key to education. He cares for people close to him, but tends to distance himself from strangers.